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autometer_cat.jpg AutoMeter Catalog of Gauges, Instruments, Gauge Pods, and Housing
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The color Autometer catalog features the following performance products:

Silver Sport-Comp & Pro-Comp Tachometers, Ultra-Lite In-Dash Tachometers & Speedometers, Ultra-Lite & Silver Pro Stock Tachometers, HI-LO, Power Band Tachs & Pit Road Speed Light, Full Sweep Elect. Gauges & Ultra Nite Products, Ultra-Lite Mechanical Gauges, Ultra-Lite Full Sweep Electrical Gauges, Ultra-Lite Electrical Gauges, Silver Faced Liquid Filled Gauges, Carbon Fiber Tachometers and Speedometers, Carbon Fiber Mechanical Gauges, Carbon Fiber Electrical Gauges, Pro-Comp In-Dash Tachometers & Speedometers, Pro-Comp 3-3/4" Tachometers & 3-3/4" & 5" Memory Tachometers, 5" Tachometers & 5" Pro-Comp 2 Tach Mech-Elec, Pro-Comp Liquid Filled Mechanical Gauges, Pro-Comp Electrical Gauges, Pro-Comp Full Sweep Electrical Gauges, Pro-Comp Monster Gauges.

2-3/4" Mini Tachometers, 1-1/2" Gauges & Consoles, 3-3/4" Black Faced Tachometers, 2-1/16" Gauge Consoles & 2-1/16" Mechanical Gauges, 2-1/16" Gauges in Steel Consoles, Add-On-To Panels & Steel Panels, 2-5/8" Gauges & Steel Consoles, 3-3/4" White Face Tachometers, 2-1/16" White Gauge Steel Consoles, Full Sweep Mechanical, Consoles and 2-5/8" Mechanical White Gauge Consoles, 1-1/2" Pressure Gauges & Tire Gauges, 5" Monster Shift-Lite Tachometers & 5" Monster Memory Tachometers.

Gauge Works Product Descriptions

Ford Mustang Products, Domestic Car Pillar Pods, Import Car Dash Pods & Instrument Cluster Bezels, Import Car - Full Pillars, Import Car - Gauge Pods, Import Car - Carbon Fiber Look & Right Hand Drive Pods, Full Pillar, Dodge Ram Dash Pods & Instrument Cluster Bezels, Truck/Van Pillar Pods, Playback Box & Printer Interface, 5" Playback Tachometers-Phantom & Pro-Comp, 5" Ultimate Playback Tachometers, 5" Ultimate II Playback Tachometers, Tach-Facts Software. Channel Data Logger, Data-Facts Pro Software.

Designer Series

American Platinum,Arctic White Designer Black, Old Tyme White & Old Tyme Black, Antique Beige & Golden Oldies.

Street Tachometers

Traditional Chrome Tachs/Speedos & Mech. Gauges Traditional Chrome Electrical Gauges. Z-Series Tachs/Speedos & Mech. Gauges. Z-Series Electrical Gauges.

Battery Extender, Pro-Shift Lite, Quick Lite, RPM Module, RPM Pill Kits & LED Conversion Kit, Super-Lite, Warning Lights & Mini Pro-Lites Digital Voltmeter, Tri-Alert, Magneto Signal Converter & Power Relay.

Pro-Control & Low RPM Set-Up Tachometer, Mounting Cups, Wire, Temp. Manifolds, Gauge Panels, Replacement Senders & Pro-Lite Warning Senders. Temp.

Adapters, Metric Adapters, Extension Adapters, Light Bulb Covers, Shock Mounts, Gauge Accessories, Fuel Rail Adapters, -4AN Elbow Fittings & Light bulbs and Sockets Bulbs and Sockets, Colored Lens Kits, Nitrous/Fuel Restrictors & Tubing and Hoses.

Tubing and Hoses, Fuel Level Sender, Playback Box Wire Harness, Drive Tips, LTM Wire Harness Set, Angle Rings, Tachometer Accessories, Right Angle Fittings, Instrument Cover & Extension Wire.

Pyrometer Accessories, Intake Temp. Probe Kit, Tach Sender Adapter, Mounting Bracket, Aluminum Wrenches, Programmable Electric Speedo Senders, High Pressure Gauge, Isolator & Replacement Remote Memory Switch.

Popular vehicle applications include Ford F150, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford Explorer, Ford Mustang, BMW 3 Series, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Dodge Caravan, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Acura TL, Chrysler 300, Infiniti G35 and hundreds of others!

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