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2007_cat_baer.jpg Baer Brake Claws Performance Brakes System Catalog
Baer Brake Systems has announced their new master catalog. This all new catalog has over 100 pages of new of easy to read application data as well as information about the following product lines:
Baer Claw® Brake Systems
EradiSpeedTM Performance Rotors
DecelaRotorTM OE Replacement Rotors
Baer TrackerTM Adjustable Tie-Rod Ends
Builder Components
Support & Service Components

At Baer, brakes are their only business. Being singularly focussed allows them to design, test and constantly improve their systems. Surgeons do not give haircuts and Baer does not build engines. This singular focus leaves us better prepared to deliver proper brake systems and products than companies who offer everything from exhaust systems to body styling packages.

baer_art.gif Baer Decals, Pair
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Decals are ordered in pairs and are available in various colors that you can choose during the ordering process. Size is approximately 2" high by 6" wide. Decals are sent via U.S. Mail and arrive in less than 14 days.

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