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A-Vintage, Classic and Modern Automotive Parts and Accessory Catalogs


ARE_Product.gif A.R.E. Product Catalog
Manufacturer of fiberglass and aluminum pickup and fiberglass tonneau covers for recreational and commercial use. Order the downloadable catalog now!
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advanced_cat.jpg ACT Advanced Clutch Catalog
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Advanced Clutch Technology produces high performance clutch applications for import and domestic vehicles. Also known as ACT, the company is known for its line of Heavy Duty Pressure Plates, Xtreme Pressure Plates, Copper Ceramic Race Discs (Xtreme Discs) and Street Discs. Whether you are driving street, high performance street, road racing or drag racing, ACT produces the performance clutch components for your vehicle.

The new 100 page ACT catalog features product description, clutch theory, technical bulletins and an extensive application chart.

aem_cat.jpg AEM 2010 Performance Catalog
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The 2010 AEM Performance Electronics Catalog features a huge selection of new products such as fuel/ignition controllers, water/alcohol injection kits, engine position modules, aemtuner software as well as air induction systems, drylow air filters, stainless exhausts, headers and turbo manifolds. This catalog will put you in the fast lane!

AEM Catalog PDF version
AEM pdf catalog.
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apc_cat.jpg APC Lights American Products Catalog
The all new APC company and catalog features all new headlights, taillights and accessories. Besides headlamps, there are now LED tail lamps, diamond cut taillamps, parking, corner and bumper lamps, bulbs and Euro style lamps.

On the accessories side, there are filters, cold air intakes, gauges, pods, Roll Pans for trucks and interior accessories like seats.

Search & Price Custom Headlights, Tail Lights, Bumper Lights, LED and Lighting Products
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atiperf.jpg ATI Performance Products
ATI manufactures a multitude of high performance parts including Competition Transmissions, Treemaster Converters, Torsional Super Dampers, Compu-Flow Valve Bodies, Flexplates, and Adapter Kits as well as a wide variety of performance enhancing internal components. ATI's commitment to racing has allowed the company to maintain a prominent position on the cutting edge of high performance component design and manufacturing. Order the downloadable catalog now!
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Addco.gif Addco Anti-Sway Bar Catalog

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ADDCOís Anti-Sway Bar Catalog covers over 1000 domestic/import applications for cars, vans, trucks, SUVís, and RVís from the early-1950ís to 2004. Get fast, flat, balanced cornering, and tracking to match your power! The "Lifetime Warranty" anti-sway bars come with end-links sized to meet standard, raised, or lowered vehicles. Bushings available in urethane or rubber.
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American_Pastimes.gif American Pastimes Catalog
Your "one-stop" ground up restoration shop for rods, customs and classics. Our 70+ page catalog has everything from AC brackets to wiper kits, Billet Specialties, IFS, engine blocks, Dakota Digital and the complete line of Lokar Performance products. Request yours today.

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american_van.jpg American Van Catalog
American Van has a complete supply of van and truck equipment. Order the downloadable catalog now!
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apex_cat.jpg Apexi Competition Catalog
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Apex catalogs in stock and now shipping!

The new perfect-bound all-color 72 page Apex Integration Competition Catalog is loaded with all of the newest product from the R&D team at Apexi.

Great product photos and detailed technical descriptions are provided for the Apexi line of exhaust mufflers, exhaust manifolds, down pipes, meters, gauges, AVC-R actuator valve controllers, S-AFC super air flow converters, A-AFC Vtec air flow converters, RSM-GP rev-speed meters, auto timers, Power FC total stand alone engine management systems, N1 and WS damper/strut coil-over suspensions, strut tower bars, intake systems, blow-off valves, waste gates, intercoolers, ball-bearing turbochargers, fuel injection, cams, valve springs, rods, pistons, headgaskets, aerokits and promotional badges, banners, decals etc.

Vehicle coverage includes the popular sport compact models from Honda, Acura, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Lexus and Toyota. Some component parts may be used on any make-model vehicle.
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art_carr.jpg Art Carr Transmission Catalog
The Art Carr catalog is now shipping.
Art Carr high performance transmissions and torque converters have been redesigned and highly profiled to handle the high horsepower of today's engines in cars, trucks, SUVs and motorhomes.

With over 40 years of experience in the building of transmissions, torque converters and new specialty component parts, you can be sure you're getting a highly reliable transmission that is unequalled in quality. They are ideal for any vehicle with a high horsepower to weight ratio and give you better transmission performance and life over a stock unit when used in similar conditions. If you want a high performance transmission that you can trust buy Art Carr Performance Products.
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auto_atlanta914.jpg Auto Atlanta Porsche 914 CD Catalog
Automobile Atlanta, since 1978, has been known to the Porsche community as "914 World Headquarters." Not only the world's most comprehensive Porsche 914 catalog, but the best in technical advice from Dr. 914 and everything for your Porsche 914.

This catalog, complete with highly technical parts drawings and stuffed full of carefully chosen parts and accessories, is neatly packaged on a CD ROM and includes, in addition to the catalog, loads of technical information, articles, and even 45 minutes of Porsche-related video. Put your Porsche in high gear with your number one Porsche parts source, Automobile Atlanta.

autoatlantaboxster.gif Auto Atlanta Porsche Boxster CD Catalog
Automobile Atlanta, since 1978, is proud to announce the release of the world's most comprehensive Porsche Boxster catalog to date, with all of the top quality performance parts and accessories you have been looking for! This catalog, complete with highly technical parts drawings and stuffed full of carefully chosen parts and accessories, is neatly packaged on a CD ROM and includes, in addition to the catalog, loads of technical information, articles, and even 45 minutes of Porsche-related video. Put your Porsche in high gear with your number one Porsche parts source, Automobile Atlanta.

autometer_cat.jpg AutoMeter Catalog of Gauges, Instruments, Gauge Pods, and Housing
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The color Autometer catalog features the following performance products:

Silver Sport-Comp & Pro-Comp Tachometers, Ultra-Lite In-Dash Tachometers & Speedometers, Ultra-Lite & Silver Pro Stock Tachometers, HI-LO, Power Band Tachs & Pit Road Speed Light, Full Sweep Elect. Gauges & Ultra Nite Products, Ultra-Lite Mechanical Gauges, Ultra-Lite Full Sweep Electrical Gauges, Ultra-Lite Electrical Gauges, Silver Faced Liquid Filled Gauges, Carbon Fiber Tachometers and Speedometers, Carbon Fiber Mechanical Gauges, Carbon Fiber Electrical Gauges, Pro-Comp In-Dash Tachometers & Speedometers, Pro-Comp 3-3/4" Tachometers & 3-3/4" & 5" Memory Tachometers, 5" Tachometers & 5" Pro-Comp 2 Tach Mech-Elec, Pro-Comp Liquid Filled Mechanical Gauges, Pro-Comp Electrical Gauges, Pro-Comp Full Sweep Electrical Gauges, Pro-Comp Monster Gauges.

2-3/4" Mini Tachometers, 1-1/2" Gauges & Consoles, 3-3/4" Black Faced Tachometers, 2-1/16" Gauge Consoles & 2-1/16" Mechanical Gauges, 2-1/16" Gauges in Steel Consoles, Add-On-To Panels & Steel Panels, 2-5/8" Gauges & Steel Consoles, 3-3/4" White Face Tachometers, 2-1/16" White Gauge Steel Consoles, Full Sweep Mechanical, Consoles and 2-5/8" Mechanical White Gauge Consoles, 1-1/2" Pressure Gauges & Tire Gauges, 5" Monster Shift-Lite Tachometers & 5" Monster Memory Tachometers.

Gauge Works Product Descriptions

Ford Mustang Products, Domestic Car Pillar Pods, Import Car Dash Pods & Instrument Cluster Bezels, Import Car - Full Pillars, Import Car - Gauge Pods, Import Car - Carbon Fiber Look & Right Hand Drive Pods, Full Pillar, Dodge Ram Dash Pods & Instrument Cluster Bezels, Truck/Van Pillar Pods, Playback Box & Printer Interface, 5" Playback Tachometers-Phantom & Pro-Comp, 5" Ultimate Playback Tachometers, 5" Ultimate II Playback Tachometers, Tach-Facts Software. Channel Data Logger, Data-Facts Pro Software.

Designer Series

American Platinum,Arctic White Designer Black, Old Tyme White & Old Tyme Black, Antique Beige & Golden Oldies.

Street Tachometers

Traditional Chrome Tachs/Speedos & Mech. Gauges Traditional Chrome Electrical Gauges. Z-Series Tachs/Speedos & Mech. Gauges. Z-Series Electrical Gauges.

Battery Extender, Pro-Shift Lite, Quick Lite, RPM Module, RPM Pill Kits & LED Conversion Kit, Super-Lite, Warning Lights & Mini Pro-Lites Digital Voltmeter, Tri-Alert, Magneto Signal Converter & Power Relay.

Pro-Control & Low RPM Set-Up Tachometer, Mounting Cups, Wire, Temp. Manifolds, Gauge Panels, Replacement Senders & Pro-Lite Warning Senders. Temp.

Adapters, Metric Adapters, Extension Adapters, Light Bulb Covers, Shock Mounts, Gauge Accessories, Fuel Rail Adapters, -4AN Elbow Fittings & Light bulbs and Sockets Bulbs and Sockets, Colored Lens Kits, Nitrous/Fuel Restrictors & Tubing and Hoses.

Tubing and Hoses, Fuel Level Sender, Playback Box Wire Harness, Drive Tips, LTM Wire Harness Set, Angle Rings, Tachometer Accessories, Right Angle Fittings, Instrument Cover & Extension Wire.

Pyrometer Accessories, Intake Temp. Probe Kit, Tach Sender Adapter, Mounting Bracket, Aluminum Wrenches, Programmable Electric Speedo Senders, High Pressure Gauge, Isolator & Replacement Remote Memory Switch.

Popular vehicle applications include Ford F150, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford Explorer, Ford Mustang, BMW 3 Series, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Dodge Caravan, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Acura TL, Chrysler 300, Infiniti G35 and hundreds of others!

autotech_cat.gif Autotech VW Sport Tuning Catalog
The Autotech Sport Tuning catalog is a superb 150 page all color catalog weighing in at just under 2 pounds! It's loaded with performance parts and accessories for all watercooled Volkswagens. Order this catalog and you will not be dissapointed! It's a wealth of knowledge and a terrific resource.

Sure, it's got the usual intake systems, exhaust systems, suspension upgrades, computer upgrades, lighting, body kits, grilles, badges and spoilers but it also has Quaife limited slip difs, heads, Schrick variable intake manifolds, pistons, crankshaft kits, turbo upgrade kits, racing seats, Zender brand components, brake upgrades, clutch upgrades and more.

Vehicle coverage includes all Golf, Beetle, Passat, Jetta, Rabbit, Cabriolet and Scirocco models.

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