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yokohama_cat.jpg Yokohama High Performance Tire Catalog
The Yokohama High Performance Tire Catalog features the company's line up of tires for both street and high performance street/track cars. Tires such as their AVS, A008, Avid, Parada, A520, AVS DB, AVS Sport, AVS S1, AVS Intermediate, Guardex and A032R are all described in detail for function and performance with a size and dimension chart that is very helpful.

Find and price Yokohama tires for your vehicle.

YoshiCat.jpg Yoshimura Motorcycle Exhaust Catalog
This 2001 catalog is a comprehensive guide to all of the performance parts and accessories available from Yoshimura. They are world renowned for the motorcycle exhaust for both on and off road bikes.

This world championship company continues to win race after race. Year 2000 victories include the Daytona championship. The reason they c win is quality, testing, workmanship and great riders. It's time to add the winning formula to you bike with Yoshimura parts.

The thick catalog is comprehensive in its coverage and is flush with superb photography of great products. The secret behind this level of performance is simple, they build virtually everything in-house using state-of-the-art machinery. Yoshimura learned ago that relying on outside vendors resulted in poor quality, long lead times, and uncaring craftsmanship. By bringing everything in house, Yoshimura controls every facet of the manufacturing process and ensure that you get the highest quality products in the shortest amount of time. This is a great catalog to add to anyone's catalog collection.
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