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Ichibahn Motorsports Catalog

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ichibahn_cat.jpg Ichibahn Motorsports Catalog
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Ichibahn Motorsports is proud make available their 2003 catalog. Ichibahn strives to product the highest quality most attractive products in the business today. From design to materials choice to construction, Ichibahn is a design and style leader.

The Ichibahn product catalog features the company's line of Shift Knobs, Shift Boots, Shift Handles, Brake Handles, Foot Pedals, Steering Wheels, Engine Accessories, Exhaust Tips, Clear Tail Lights and Lighting products for popular vehicles.

Extensive product coverage for Honda Civics, Acura Integras, RSXs, Honda Accord, Dodge Neon, Chevy S10, Mitsubishi Eclipse and most sport compacts.

ichibahn_decal.gif Ichibahn Decals
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Decals are ordered in pairs and are available in various colors that you can choose during the ordering process. Decals are sent via U.S. Mail and arrive in less than 14 days.
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