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Mechanix Wear® Catalog

mechanix_cat.jpg Mechanix Wear Catalog
The Mechanix Wear ® catalog is one of the best examples of creative product presentation we've seen in the printed form. All pages are UV coated and beautifully presented with detailed and rich color photography. Race track action shots along with large clear individual photographs are artfully composed and accompanied by detailed descriptions of each product's features, benefits and material composition.

Mechanix Wear designed gloves, traction boots, knee pads, aprons, support belts, radio belts, pit packs, tool belts, radio beltssed by every major team on the NASCAR®, Indy ®, F1, NHRA, CART, SCCA, ASA, AMA, Sprint racing circuits. Movement, protection and dexterity are engineered into every product to allow the speed and performance of every pit

mechanix_decal.gif Mechanix Decals, Pair
$9.95 $7.95 On Sale!
Decals are ordered in pairs and are available in various colors that you can choose during the ordering process. Decals are sent via U.S. Mail and arrive in less than 14 days.
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