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Racing Beat Miata and RX7 Catalogs

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rb_rx7_cvr.jpg Racing Beat 1971-95 Rotary Technical Manual & Catalog
Racing Beat offers our updated and expanded Rotary Technical Manual and Parts Catalog for all 1971-95 Rotary powered vehicles. This 100-page manual/catalog contains valuable performance tips for a variety of rotary powered applications. If you require performance parts for a street, race, off-road, or custom car.... this catalog will be your ultimate source!

We have chosen this format to provide the rotary enthusiast with valuable technical information that we have gathered from our 30 years of rotary engine research and development.

Explained in detail by Racing Beat co-founder and chief engineer Jim Mederer, his performance and tuning tips are worth the price alone! Following each Tech Tips section are pages of products relating specifically to that topic. Detailed photographs accompany each part description to provide a detailed view.

Topics include: Intake, Exhaust, Ignition, Internal Engine Part and Modifications, Apex Seals, Porting, Water Cooling, Oil Cooling, Clutch, Pressure Plates, Flywheels, Sway Bars, Springs, Shocks, Brakes, Fiberglass Body Components, and more!

Coverage includes RX-2, RX-3, RX-4, Rotary Pickup & RX-7
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rb_miata_cvr.jpg Racing Beat's Miata Style And Sports Catalog
The new 2003 Racing Beat Miata catalog offers 56-pages of style and sport tuning products and a variety of specialized accessories for all Mazda Miata model years. We proudly offer a wide array of Racing Beat designed, engineered and manufactured performance parts for street or race applications.

Many of our most popular performance products are designed as “bolt-on” components for ease of installation. Our products are designed, fitted, and tested on our own Miatas to ensure reliable and trouble free performance. Designed with the true performance enthusiast in mind, Racing Beat products offer the best value for your performance dollar.

These same components have powered Racing Beat’s Miatas to MotorTrend Magazine's slalom record (1990 Miata - 73.6 MPH), and Sport Compact Car Magazine’s slalom record (1999 Miata -70.6 MPH) and skidpad record (1999 Miata - 1.1 G).

Featured in the catalog are the following items: Intake Assemblies and Filters, Clutch, Pressure Plates and Flywheels, Ignition Wires, Exhaust Headers and Mufflers, Sway Bars, Springs, Chassis Braces, Brakes, Shocks, Fiberglass Body Components, Style Bars, and more!

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